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Windows 8 Password Reset software and methods

Are you have difficulty in reset/change/recover windows 8 password when you forgot it? Don't upset. Several effective methods described in this article show you how to reset Windows 8 password in details, either you are familiar with the computer or not, take a few minutes to read about the methods below, and choose the best one to put into practice. I hope you will resolve the windows 8 password problem in the end with the help of the methods.

1. Reset windows 8 password by changing it

Just want to change windows 8 password? Most of the time we create a simple password when we create a user account. Although the simple password is easy to remember, it is easier for others to guess too. If we have important information in our computer, and don't like others to assess, creating a complex password to protect our information is a good idea. Changing password on windows 8 is very easy, just need three simple steps:

Step 1: Press download "Ctrl+Alt+Delete", and then click on "change a password" to open the change password screen.

Step 2: Type in the Old password, new password, and password hint, and then click on the next button.

Windows 7 Password Reset

Step 3: If you get the massage "the password has been changed", it means you have changed your password successfully. Click on "OK" to close the screen.


2. Reset windows 8 password through computer management

Forgot Windows 8 password? If you still can log on your computer, you can reset windows 8 password with your account or other local user accounts.
Steps as below:
Step 1: Point the mouse to the bottom-left corner, right-click on the Start button, and then select Computer Management.
Step 2: On the left expand the Computer Management panel: System Tools\Local Users and Groups\Users.
Step 3: Double-click on Users to open the user list, right-click on the target user account name, and then select “Set Password…”
Step 4: Read about the prompt, if you decide to change password via this way, click on Proceed.
Step 5: Type and retype the new password, and then click on OK to save the change.
Tips: Resetting password through this way may cause irreversible loss of information. If you remember the current password and want to change it, use the method above to change windows 8 password.

3. Reset windows 8 password with password recovery tool

Forgotten windows 8 password? And locked out of computer? It will be a very frustrating and bothered thing if you are urgent to get some important data from the computer. Don’t be annoyed with this frustrating thing anymore, just take a windows 8 password recovery tool to create a password reset disk to save the time. Many similar password tools on the internet, here I recommend Vodusoft windows password reset software. Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download Vodusoft Windows 8 password reset software and install it in another accessible computer.

Step 2: Insert a USB Flash drive or blank CD/DVD and run the Vodusoft software.

Step 3: Select the device just insert and click on Burn to CD/DVD or Burn to USB to create a password reset disk.
Tips: If you get the message “Burning Successfully”, it means you have created the password reset disk successfully. Click on OK and close the software.

Windows 8 password reset software

Step 4: Take the password reset disk and insert it in the locked computer.

Step 5: Set the windows 8 computer to boot from the BIOS with the password reset disk:
. Start/restart the locked computer, and press the BIOS Entry Key (F2 or Fn+F1) immediately and repeatedly until the setup screen appears.
Tips: In different versions of computer having different BIOS, the BIOS Entry Keys are different. Search them on the internet if you do not sure what the BIOS Entry Key is on your pc.
. Press right/ left key to select the Boot option.
. Press up/down key to select the Removable Device ( the USB name or CD/DVD name) and press +/- key to move it to the first boot option.
. Press on F10 and press Enter to save the change and exit, and then the pc will boot from the USB or CD.

Step 6: When the Vodusoft Windows Password Reset wizard appears, select Windows 8 system and the target user account name, and then click on Reset.

How to reset Windows 8 user password if forgot it

Step 7: Click on Reboot, unplug the USB or CD/DVD when the confirm message pups up, and then click on Yes to restart windows.

Step 8: When the log on screen appears, click on the user account, and then you can log in windows 8 computer without password.


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