Windows Server 2012 Password Reset\Recovery

Forgot Windows Server 2012 Administrator Local/Domain password? And finding methods to reset Windows Server 2012 password? This article will show you the methods to recover server 2012 password with or without password reset disk.

Solution 1: Reset Windows Server 2012 password with a password reset disk

You can reset Windows Server 2012 password easily and simply with a password reset disk created on your windows server 2012. However, forgot password and have not created a password reset disk yet? Create one on another computer.

Windows server 2012 password reset step 1Prepare a USB or CD, download Vodusoft Windows password reset special program on another accessible computer.

Windows password reset special program free tial version

create a password reset disk Insert USB or CD into the computer, run the password program, click Burn to USB.

step3 Take the USB or CD, insert into your server 2012 computer.

set windows server 2012 computer to boot Start\restart your server 2012 computer,

Windows server 2012 password reset When the Vodusoft Windows password reset program comes up, follow the wizard to reset windows server 2012 password.

  • 5.1 Select windows server 2012, click your user name.
  • 5.2 Click Reset, click Yes, please remember the password you set.
  • 5.3 Click Reboot, unplug USB or CD device from computer, click Yes.

reset Windows server 2012 forgot password

When your computer restarts to the logon screen, type in the password you just reset, and then get into computer.


Solution 2: Windows Server 2012 reset password by Command

If you have got into your windows server 2012 computer, you can reset the password quickly with net user command.

Step 1: Click Start, click Command Prompt.

Tips: If you do not see the command prompt, click Run…, type in: command, click OK.

Step 2: On the command prompt screen, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>

Step 3: Click Enter to run the command.

windows server 2012 reset password

When get the massage “The command complete successfully”, it means you have reset your server 2012 password successfully.


Solution3: Forgot Windows Server 2012 password? Reset with another user account.

If you forgot Windows server 2012 password and locked out of computer, try to get into with another user account that has administrator privilege.

Step 1: Get into your server 2012 computer, click Start, right-click Computer, select Manage.

Step 2: Expand the computer management by: System Tools → Local Users and Groups → Users

Step 3: Right-click user name, click Reset password … link

Step 4: Follow the wizard steps to reset windows server 2012 password.


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