Windows 8 shortcut Keys

Windows 8 has a great touch screen interface, that give users a refreshed experience. But if in the laptop or desktop computer, they have not touch screen, we have to finish the operations through mouse key or keyboards. And the Windows 8 shortcut keys play an important role. What are the Windows 8 shortcut keys? Below this article will show you all of the Windows 8 shortcut keys. You do not need to remember all of the shortcut keys, you just need to remember the several frequently-used shortcut keys.

The two frequently-used shortcut keys:

Win + I, Open Settings

Win + X, Open Desktop Start Menu

If you do not remember the shortcut keys, you can search for it on the tables below:

Metro Charm Shortcuts:

Keyboard        Shortcut Result                 Mouse 

Win +C          Open Charms                   Hover Top right corner then move down

Win + F          Open Search Charm on Files       Hover top right corner|Search|Files

Win + W         Open Search Charm on Settings     Hover top right corner|Search|Settings

Win + Q          Open Search Charm on Active App  Hover top right corner|Search

Win + H          Open Share Charm               Hover top right corner|Share

Win + I           Open Settings Charm             Hover top right corner|Settings

Win + K          Open Devices Charm              Hover top right corner|Devices

Desktop Shortcuts: 

Keyboard         Shortcut Result                  Mouse

Win +D           Show Desktop                   Click Desktop tile

Win + E           Open Windows Explorer           Click Explorer tile

Win + I            Open Settings Charm             Hover top right corner|Settings

Win + X            Open Desktop Start Menu         Hover bottom left corner|right-click

Win + R           Open Run Dialog               Hover bottom left corner|right-click Run

Win + T           Cycle through Desktop apps on the    Hover bottom left corner|right- click

Taskbar                         Hover across Taskbar|click

Alt+Tab            Open next App                   Hover bottom left corner|right- click

Hover across Taskbar|click

Alt + 1 to 9        Open the pinned Taskbar application  Hover bottom left corner|right- click

Hover across Taskbar|click

Other Shortcuts

Key board         Shortcut Resut                    Mouse

Win + L           Lock Computer                    Start page|[User]|Lock

Win + P           Second screen options         Hover top right corner then move

Down|Devices|Second screen

Win + ,           Desktop peek

Win + O          Lock screen rotation

Win + V          Cycle through toasts

Win +Shift +V      Cycle through toasts in reverse

Win + U             Ease Access Center

Win + Enter          Launch Narrator

Win + =             Magnifier, Zoom In

Win + –              When Magnifier, Zoom out

Internet Explorer Shortcuts:

Ctrl + Tab             Cycle through open Tabs

Ctrl + Shift +p          Open an Inprivate Tab

Ctrl + T               Open a new Tab

Ctrl + F4              Close the active Tab

Tab                  Move forward through items on a Web page

Shift + Tap             Move backwards

Enter                 Active the select item

Ctrl + P                Print page

Ctrl + L                 Open Address bar

Backspace              Go back to previous Web page

Shift + Backspace        Go forward to previous Web page

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