Windows 8 Picture Password Create Change Remove

When I heard about windows 8 picture password, I thought it is very interesting. Picture password is the new password option and it is more secure from hackers than a traditional password. Here I will share with you how to create, change, and remove picture password on windows 8 system.

1. How to create windows 8 picture password

<1>Get into your table/pc windows 8 system, press Windows Windows 8 picture password+I to open Settings, and then click on Change PC settings to get into the PC settings.

Windows 8 picture password

<2>Select Users on the left panel, click Create a picture password on the right panel.

Windows 8 picture password

<3>Type in your current password if you have created a system password, press Enter or click on OK to continue.

<4>On the right panel click on Choose picture button, choose a picture that you put in your file ahead, click on Open button on the right-bottom corner to choose it.

<5>If you like this picture, click Use this picture, if not like, click Choose new picture.

use this picture

<5>Draw three gestures on your picture. You can use any combination of circles, straight lines, and taps. Draw twice again to confirm it.

Tips: If you do not like the gestures you draw on your picture you can click on Start over on the left-bottom corner.

<6>At last if you get the message Congratulation. You have created your picture password successfully, use it the next time you sign in to windows. Click on Finish to end this operation.

2. How to change windows 8 picture password

<1>Get into the Change PC settings with the steps above, select Users, click on Change picture password.

Windows 8 picture password

<2>The steps of changing picture password are similar to create a picture password. Conform your current password, select a picture, draw three gestures, and then Finish.

3. How to remove windows 8 picture password

If you want to remove windows 8 picture password, get in to the Change PC settings, select Users, you just need to click on the Remove button on the right panel, then the password picture will be removed.

4. Forgot windows 8 picture password

If you have forgot your current set of gestures, click Replay on the left panel, and then click the gestures you draw on the picture to see them.


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