Windows 7 password reset ultility

Forgot win 7 password? And finding windows 7 password reset utility methods? It is very usual to forget windows logon password when we set a strong password on the logon screen, and have a long time did not use the computer. Such as the question from Kevin:

“During these two months, I always work on my office, so I have not used my computer for a long time. But today, when i want to get some material from my pc, and type in the password on the logon screen, it rejects me with the message ‘The user name or the password is incorrect’ The password does not word! What can I do? My computer system is Win 7, is there any utility method to unlock my win 7 password?” -Ask by Kevin

windows 7 password reset utility

Yes, there are many utility methods to reset windows 7 password, such as reset win 7 password with win 7 password reset disk, password reset usb that created with password reset tool, or reset windows 7 password through command prompt if you still can get in to computer with the administrator privilege user account.

Method1: Unlock win 7 password with windows 7 password reset disk utility

Unlock widows 7 password with password reset disk is very easy, but it is base on that you have created a password reset disk with win 7 system on your computer before you forgot password.

Step1: Get into the pc logon screen, type in wrong number to logon.

Step2: When the incorrect password hint appears, click on OK.

Step3: Below the password text box, click on the Reset password link.

Step4: Insert the password reset disk and follow the password reset wizard to finish the operation.

Step5: Then you can get into computer with the password you reset.

Method2: Crack windows 7 password with Vodusoft Windows password reset utility

If you have not created a password reset disk yet, you can create one with vodusoft windows password reset program. Before beginning this process, you need to prepare a usb flash drive or cd disc.

Step1: Download Vodusoft Windows 7 password reset program from an accessible pc and install it.

Step2: Insert a usb or cd device and run the vodusoft program to create a password reset disk.

Step3: When create the password reset disk successfully, transfer it to the locked computer.

Step4: Lunch the locked computer, and set computer to boot from USB flash or cd.

Step5: When the Vodusoft windows password reset wizard appears, follow the instructions to remove win 7 password.

Step6: When the computer restart, then you can log into pc without password.

Method3: Reset windows 7 password through utility Net User command

If you are familiar with the Net User Command and still get into pc with the user account who has administrator privilege, command prompt is the fastest way to change win 7 password.

You just need to get into computer, open the command prompt on the start menu, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>

windows 7 password reset utility

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