Windows 7 home premium forgot administrator password

Windows 7 home premium forgot administrator password? How to reset the password and regain access to windows? In this article, i will show some workable ways for you to get rid of your windows password when forgot.

Windows 7 home premium is a widely used edition of windows7, which has most of the feature of windows 7 and cost less compare to professional and ultimate edition. Forgetting windows 7 login password is a common thing, but it is not a annoyed thing, because we have many ways you will learn these ways soon to reset the lost password easily when forget login password.

1. Reset Windows 7 home premium password with windows 7 password reset disk.

Windows 7 password reset disk is the easiest use password reset tool for resetting lost password for windows 7. So if you have one you can use it to recover the lost password, if you don’t have one , create one immediately.

Steps to use Windows 7 password reset disk:

  • Step 1: Starts Windows to log on screen.
  • Step 2: Click a user account you want to reset its password, and then press “Enter” to log in. When message “The user name or password is incorrect” appears, click “OK”.
  • Step 3: Click “Reset Password…” text button under password box to start password reset wizard.
  • Step 4: Insert Windows 7 Password Reset disk, and then you can follow the step by step wizard to create a new login password to the current user.

2. Reset Windows Home premium password with Vodusoft password software.

Vodusoft Windows Password reset Standard is reliable and effective professional password reset software for reset lost password for windows 7/vista/xp/2000/2003/2008.

Steps to use Vodusoft Windows Password reset Standard:

Step 1: Get Vodusoft Windows 7 Password Reset Software and install it windows.

Step 2: Create a Vodusoft windows 7 password recovery disk. Insert USB flash disk or blank CD/DVD disc, and then click “Burn to USB” or “Burn to CD/DVD” to create a password recovery disk.

Windows 7 home premium forgot administrator password

Step 3: Set the locked windows 7 computer to boot from USB or CD-ROM.

Step 4: Insert Vodusoft windows 7 password recovery disk to the locked computer, and restart it to boot from password recovery disk.

Step 5: When Vodusoft password program starts, select a user account, and click the “Reset” button to set a new password for it.

Windows 7 home premium forgot administrator password

Step 6: Click “Reboot” to restart computer, and login with new password.

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1 thought on “Windows 7 home premium forgot administrator password”

  1. I downloaded the Professional Edition, ….

    When I change a password with pro the new password works after the reboot..2nd request I sent in..

    I created a boot disk using this new program. The screen pops up saying “welcome to spower windows password reset ultimate”.

    When the screen first booted up, the following error message popped up.

    Please tell use the following information:
    1. Which windows version you are using?
    2. Do your windows have the administrator user?
    3. If you want to reset password for other users, please tell us the user name.

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