Windows Server 2008 r2 administrator password crack/hack

When you forgot Windows server 2008 r2 administrator password, a password cracker can help you to crack or hack the forgotten password efficiently and safely.

Windows Server 2008 password crack/hack with Vodusoft windows password reset program

1. Get and run Vodusoft Windows password reset special program on an accessible pc.

Vodusoft Windows password reset program trial version free download

2. Insert a USB, select USB device, click Burn to USB to create a Windows Server 2008 password reset usb.

Burn to usb

3. Or insert a writable CD, select CD/DVD device, click Burn to CD/DVD to create a Windows server 2008 password reset cd disk.

Burn to CD

4. Take out the USB or CD , insert into the windows server 2008 pc, and set the locked pc to boot from USB or CD.

If have difficult in setting computer to boot from the reset disk, you can refer to the articles:

5. When the Vodusoft password reset wizard comes up, click Reset, password will be set to Vodusoft@2012, unplug the reset disk, click Reboot to restart Windows server 2008.

Windows server 2008 password crack with software

Windows Server 2008 password hack with VB script

1 Download windows server PE live cd from the official sites.

2 Burning a USB or CD to bootable disk with burning software, such as NERO or UltraISO.

3 Set windows server 2008 pc to boot from BIOS or Boot Menu with the USB or CD.

4 Insert Windows PE boot disk to windows server 2008 pc, and restart the pc.

5 Create a VB script following the steps, when the windows PE starts.

  • 5.1 Use “Regedit” to run Windows PE Registry, load registry file “System” of windows serve 2008 to Windows PE registry.
  •  5.2 Upload registry file “system” of windows server 2008.
  • 5.3 Eject Windows PE boot disk, and then restart windows server 2008.

6 Login windows server 2008 with the new password you reset.


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