Windows 8 password reset utility

“I forgot my windows 8 password on my office computer, is there any password reset utility? I set a password on my office computer a month ago before I went to business, to protect my data on my pc. But unfortunately, when I came back and wanted to open my pc, I did not remember what the password exactly is, and now I am locked out of the pc. Can I remove or reset a new password on my windows 8 computer? Is there any good idea? Thanks in advance!” –Question from Tracy.

win 8 screen

If you forgot windows 8 password, and the PIN code or picture password did not work for you, you can try to think about the password related to the password hint. If the password hint still can’t remind you of the exactly password, don’t be disappointed, read about the utility methods below, you may find one can help you to do with that problem.

Method1: Reset Windows 8 password with Net User Command utility

If you still can get into your pc with PIN code, Picture password or another user account with administrator privilege, then you can reset windows 8 password with command prompt quickly and simply.

1st: Get into computer, press windows button + X to open the Start Menu, and then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2nd: On the black and white command prompt screen, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>.

win 8 command change password

Tips: You can use the “” quote to replace the new password to remove the windows 8 password.

Method2: Reset Windows 8 password with Computer Management utility

If you can get into the windows 8 computer, you also can reset windows 8 password through computer management without the current password. But this may cause some data losing, so please read about the hint carefully before click on next. Steps as below:

1st: Get into the computer, press Windows button +X to open the Start Menu, and then select Computer Management.

2nd: Expand the computer management by this way: Computer Management\ System Tools\ Local Users and Groups\ Users


win 8 users


3rd: Double-click on Users, on the left panel you can see the user list, right-click on the user name, select Set password…


windows 8 password reset utility


4th: If you still want to reset password with this method, click on next and follow the instructions to finish the operation.

Method3: Crack windows 8 password with utility windows password reset software

If you have created a password reset disk on your windows 8 computer before forgot password, you can also use the password reset disk to crack windows 8 system password easily. However if you have not created a password reset disk yet, you can use a usb and a password reset software to create one. There are many password reset tools, such as Spower, Asunsoft, Vodusoft windows password reset software. Here I will take Vodusoft program for example:

Step1: Get Vodusoft windows 8 password reset program and install it in an accessible computer.

Download Vodusoft windows 8 password reset stander program free trial

Step2: Insert a usb flash driver, and run the vodusoft program to create a password reset disk. Select the usb device and click on Burn to USB.

windows 8 password reset utility

Step3: Transfer the password reset disk to the windows 8 computer that was locked.

Step4: Restart the locked computer, and then set the computer to boot from the usb drive.

Step5: When the Vodusoft windows password reset program appears, follow the instructions to reset password.

windows 8 password reset utility

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