Windows 8 Password Recovery usb

Forgot windows 8 system traditional password? And do not have a windows 8 password recovery usb or other user accounts to login your laptop/PC? Don’t worry, this document shows you the methods that how to login windows without password. And you do not need to reinstall your windows 8 system and format your hard disk to recover your traditional password.

1.Recover windows 8 password with Vodusoft usb

Do you have a usb? If yes, use it to create a password reset disk with Vodusoft password reset tool. Then you can use it to recover windows 8 password on your laptop/pc. Steps as below:

<1> Download Vodusoft Windows 8 Password Reset tool, and install it in an accessible computer.

You can download Vodusoft Windows Password Reset software and free trial to have a try.

<2> Insert the USB to the accessible computer and run the Vodusoft software.

<3> Select the USB device and click on Burn to USB to create a password disk.

Burn to usb

<4> Take the USB password reset disk and insert it in the locked computer.

<5> Restart locked computer and set it to boot from the bootable USB.

<6> When the Vodusoft Windows Password Reset wizard appears, select windows 8, and a user account, click on Reset, click on Reboot, take out the USB, and then click on Yes when the yes or no message pups up to restart computer to the logon screen. Click on the user account, and then you can get into computer without password.

windows 8 login password reset with vodusoft special

2.Use password reset usb disk to recover windows 8 password

Have you created a windows 8 password reset disk before? If so, you are very fortunately, because you can use the password disk to recover you windows 8 forgot password quickly and simply. Here are the steps:

<1> Insert password reset disk to the locked computer and restart/start it.

<2> On the logon screen, type in a wrong password number and press Enter, and then click OK.

<3> Select Reset password…and click on OK.

<4>Select the USB device and click Next.

<5>Input new password you want to reset, click on Next and then Finish.

Now you can use the new password to logon your windows.


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