Windows 8 password expired

“I can’t open my windows 8 computer now, because it rejected me with the message that ‘The password is incorrect’. I remember my password clearly, however, it doesn’t word now, is it expired? How can I get into my computer and set a new password on it?”

windows 8 password expired

Locked out of the windows 8 computer/laptop with the reason that the password does not work for you? In this case, either the password expired or you forgot the correct password. Don’t waste time to think about it anymore, take a few minutes to read about this article to have a look whether the methods described above can help you to get out of this problem or not.

Method one: Change Windows 8 expired password with other accounts

It is known to us all that we can login windows 8 computer with many kinds of passwords, such as local administrator, PIN code, Picture, Live ID. If you still can login windows 8 computer with these accounts, follow the steps bellow:

Step1: Get into the windows 8 computer with other accounts.

Step2: Press Windows+X to open the Start Menu, and select Command Prompt (Admin)

Step3: On the black and white command prompt, type in: Net User <user name> <new password> to reset the expired password.

windows 8 password reset

Method two: Recover windows 8 forgot or expired password with password reset disk

If you have created a password reset disk before, you can use it to reset the windows 8 expired password easily and quickly.

Step1: On the windows 8 logon screen, type in an incorrect password, and press Enter.

Step2: When the password incorrect hint pups up, click on OK to close it.

Step3: Click on Reset password…, below the password text box.

Step4: Insert the windows 8 password reset disk and follow the password reset wizard to reset a new password.

Step5: When reset password successfully, get into the computer with the password you reset.

Method Three: Reset windows 8 password with a bootable usb flash drive

If you have not created a windows 8 password reset disk before, you can create a bootable usb disk now with password recovery program. There are many password recovery tools, such as Asunsoft, Spower, Vodusoft Windows password recovery software. Here we mainly discuss about how to reset windows 8 expired password with Vodusoft windows 8 password reset software.

Step1: Get Vodusoft Windows 8 password reset software and install it in an accessible pc.

Vodusoft windows 8 password reset software free trial

Step2: Insert a USB flash drive and run the vodusoft program to create a bootable usb disc.

windows 8 password expired

Step3: Transfer the usb insert into the windows 8 locked computer.

Step4: Restart and set the locked computer to boot from the usb flash drive.

Step5: When the Vodusoft windows password reset program start up, select the windows 8 system and the user name.

Step6: Click on Reset, and click on OK to set the password to blank, and click on Reboot. When the hint message appears, make sure to take out the usb drive, and then click on Yes to restart the computer.

windows 8 password reset

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