VMware (Virtual Machine) password reset/recovery

If you forgot VMware (Virtual Machine) password, this article will show you the methods to reset/recover forgotten password, no matter on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, 2008 Virtual Machine.

If you still can get into VMware Windows with another user account that has Administrator privilege, then you can reset VMware (Virtual Machine) password without reset disk. So, try to have a look whether you still can login with other administrator accounts.

1. Open the Computer Management to reset VMware (Virtual Machine) password

(1) Get into the Virtual Machine pc with another administrator account.

(2) Click on the Start button to open the Start Menu, right-click on Computer, click on Mange to open the Computer Management.

(3) Click on System Tools →Local Users and Groups → Users.

(4) Double-click on Users to expand the user list, right-click on your user name, select Set password…

(5) When the password reset instructions pups up, click on Proceed, and then type in the new password and confirm password to reset a new password.


2. VMware forgot password reset with Net User Command

<1>. Get into VMware windows with other administrator account if you can.

<2>. Click on Start button, on the Start Menu list, click Command Prompt.


If it is Windows 8 Virtual machine, select Command Prompt (Admin). If you can’t find the Command Prompt on the Start Menu directory, click on Run…, type in Command, and then press Enter.

<3>. On the Command Prompt screen, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>, press Enter to run the command.


3. VMware root forgot password recovery with password reset program

Step 1: Download a password reset software, such as Vodusoft Windows password reset program.

Vodusoft Windows password reset standard program trial version free download

Step 2: Install the password reset program, and run it with a USB or CD/DVD.

Step 3: Select the device, click Begin Burning to burn an ISO image file on your computer where you install the Virtual machine.

Step 4: Open your VMware, right-click on the Windows on the left of Virtual Machine, click on Settings.

Step 5: On the left of Settings screen.

  •  Click on CD/DVD (IDE), on the right panel, select Connected and Connect at Power on.
  •  Select Use ISO image file, and then select the Vodusoft Windows password reset ISO image fie on the Brower.

Step6: And then set the Power on to BIOS, and set VMware to boot from CD/DVD.

Step7: When the Vodusoft Windows password reset Wizard comes up, reset the Virtual Machine Windows password following the steps.



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