Screen Capture Android Phone

Are you finding the Android Phones screen capture apps too? I find a Android Phone screen capture software finally. Here I am glad to share it with you, just have a try, it is very convenient to use.

Android Phone screen

The Android Phone screen capture app works on Windows/Linux/Mac OS with any Android device. And you can download it from the Google code for free:


1. Steps how to install the screen capture App on your Android Phone

<1>. Download Android SDK and install it on your computer or laptop device.

<2>. Connect your Android Phone with your computer or laptop device through USB cable and ensure it’s detected with “adb devices”.

<3>. Run adb devices command, and you will see the device, and launch the android adb service.


Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment 5 or later install.

<4>. Click here to download jnlp file, and then double-click on the file (or run the command javaws jnlp_file_path).


2. Steps to capture screen on Android Phone

(1) You can use the mouse or keyboard to control your phone device.

(2) Right-click the mouse to change showing mode.

(3) Click the mouse begin to record, click the mouse again to stop the record.

Android Phone screen capture