How to Reset Windows 8 Enterprise Forgot Password

What to do if you forgot your Windows 8 Enterprise administrator or domain login password and locked out of your computer? It would be very frustrated when you are urgent to use it but can’t get into computer.

Windows 8 Enterprise forgot  password

1. Ask for help from people who are good at dealing with windows problem

If you are locked out of your computer and have no idea what to do, you can ask for help from others who are good at dealing with computer problems, such as:

(1) Take your computer to repair shop for repairing.

(2) Ask for help from your computer vendor.

(3) Restore your computer to factory mode or reinstall Windows by yourself.

2. Reset Windows 8 Enterprise forgot password with a windows password recovery program

If there is another accessible computer beside you, you also can get a password program to recover lost password. Many Password recovery programs on the internet for you, such as Vodusoft Windows password reset standard/special/enterprise version.

Detail steps how to use Vodusoft Windows password reset program to reset Windows 8 Enterprise forgot password:

Step 1: Download Vodusoft Windows password reset program from an accessible pc and install it.

Step 2: Insert a USB, select the USB device on drop-down list, click on Burn to USB to create a bootable USB disk.

Burn to a USB boot disk

Step 3: Set your Windows 8 Enterprise computer to boot from the USB boot disk.

  • 3.1 Restart your locked computer, and press the Boot Menu Key (F2 or other keys) repeatedly the soon logo flash.
  • 3.2 When the Boot Menu appears, move to the USB removable device, and then press Enter to set it boot.

select usb boot device

Step 4: When the Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program comes up, follow the instructions to reset Windows 8 Enterprise password.

  • 4.1 Select Windows 8 Enterprise from drop-down list, click on your user account.

Reset Windows 8 Enterprise forgot password

  • 4.2 Click Reset, click Yes to remove password; Take out USB device from your computer, click Reboot, click Yes to restart computer.

Step 5: When the password is reset successfully and get to the logon screen, log into computer with the new password you reset. Most of the password programs would remove your user account password directory, so you can login without password.

3. Get into your Windows 8 Eterprise computer with another user account

If you still can get into your computer with other account that has administrator privilege, you can reset your own password without a password program or reset disk. You can reset it directory with the Command Prompt.

Step 1: Get into your computer with other user account, press Windows + X to open the Start Menu, click on Command Prompt (Admin).

command prompt on start menu

Step 2: On the black and white screen, type in: Net User <your user name> <the new password>, and then press Enter.

reset forgot password with command prompt

4. Crack forgot password with Windows 8 Enterprise password reset disk

If you have created a password reset disk from your Windows 8 Enterprise computer before forgot password, you can use it to recover the password easily.

You just need to insert the password reset disk into your locked computer, and restart it to the logon screen, type in a wrong password, press Enter, and then click on OK;

click on OK

Below the password text box, you can see the Reset password… link, click on it, and then follow the password reset wizard to finish the steps.

Windows 8 click on reset password

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