Ophcrack not found Windows 7, 8 because doesn’t Work on them?

Ophcrack not found Windows 7, 8, because it doesn’t work on them? No, it can work on them. But if the password is too long or too complicated, Ophcrack LiveCD may not find it properly. That is also likely because there is something wrong during the process using Ophcrack.


Steps to recover Windows password with Ophcrack:

1. Download the appropriate Ophcrack LiveCD version for your system on your computer.

2. Download Ophcrack LiveCD ISO file.

3. Burn the Ophcrack LiveCD ISO file to a disc.

4. Insert the Ophcrack LiveCD disc into CD/DVD drive on the computer you can’t get in.

5. Restart your computer, and set your computer to boot from the Ophcrack LiveCD disc.

6. When your password is recovered, write it down, if the password is empty, you can login without password.

7. Remove the Ophcrack LiveCD disc, and then restart your computer.

8. Login Windows with the password Ophcrack LiveCD recovered.


If the user account you are looking for isn’t list, means Ophcrack didn’t find the user on your computer.

If the NT PWD field is blank on your user account, means the password has not been recovered yet.


The reasons for Ophcrack doesn’t work:

1. Download the wrong version of Ophcrack LiveCD.

2. The ISO file is not burned correctly, the Ophcrack LiveCD not work.

3. your computer is not boot from the Ophcrack LiveCD disc correctly.

4. Do not take out the Ophcrack LiveCD disc before restart computer, your computer boot from the Ophcrack LiveCd again.


If you have tried many times, but the Ophcrack still doesn’t work for you, you can try with other Windows password reset program, such as Vodusoft Windows password reset program which has friendly user interface and user guide.


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