i forgot my computer password windows xp?

“I met with the problem that i forgot my computer password on windows XP, I do not have a password reset disk, are there any methods to recover windows XP password without reinstalling the system?”- Question from Tim.

Forgot windows XP password? And locked out of your computer? This is a frustrate thing especially when you are urgent to get data from your computer. Don’t worry, the methods in this article will show you how to recover windows XP forgot password. If you met the same problem, you won’t need to get annoyed with it any more.

Method1: Recover Windows XP password through Net User command/

Most of us do not know that windows XP has an administrator user account whose password is blank by default. You can get into your computer with this administrator user account from the logon screen or save mode.

<1>Get into Windows XP computer from the logon screen

Launch your computer to the logon screen, click on the administrator account, then you can get into system without password.

<2>Get into Windows XP computer from Save Mode.

Start your computer, and then press F8 immediately and repeatedly, then you can get into the system from the save mode.

When you get into the computer, open the Command Prompt, type in: Net User <user name> <password>, and then press Enter to reset new password.

frogot  Wndows XP password


Method2: Hack computer forgot password with password recovery tool

If you did not create a password reset disk before, and can’t get into computer with other user account, you can use Vodusoft windows XP password reset tool to recovery forgot password on your computer. The Vodusoft windows password reset software can also work on windows Vista, 7, 8, 2003, 2008 to reset computer forgot password.

Windows XP forgot password reset


Share with other methods when you forgot windows XP password

I met the same problem too, and I am grad to share with you the method to recover windows XP password with windows XP password reset disk. This is the most easily way to recover windows forgot password, so when you create a password on windows XP, create a password reset disk to prevent a forgotten password is necessary.

<1> Insert windows XP password recovery disk to your locked computer, and launch it to the logon screen.

<2> Type in a wrong number and press Enter, when get the password incorrect message, click on OK to close it, then click on Reset password.

<3> When the password Wizard appears, follow the steps on it to recover the windows password.

It is very easy to reset a forgotten password by this way, so remember to create a password reset disk the next time when you create a strong password.

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