How to remove/reset/clear BIOS password on Toshiba laptop, computer

Setting a BIOS password on your Toshiba laptop/computer can prevent others from changing your BIOS settings, however, unfortunately if you forgot your Toshiba BIOS password, you may  have difficult to get into your BIOS screen or windows system. In this article mainly discusses about the methods how to remove, reset, clear BIOS password on Toshiba laptop/computer.

1. Remove BIOS password on Toshiba

If you still can get into your Toshiba BIOS setting, remove the password from it is very easy.

<1>. Get into Toshiba BIOS settings, click Security Option, click on “SUPERVISER PASSWORD” or “USER PASSWORD”, press Enter.

<2>. When ask you to “Enter Password”, press Enter directory letting the password text box blank, to remove Toshiba BIOS password.


2. Reset BIOS password on Toshiba laptop/computer

This is based on the situation that you still can access your Toshiba laptop/computer BIOS screen.

<1>. Access your Toshiba BIOS settings, select the Security Option, and then select “USER PASSWORD” or “SUPERVISER PASSWORD”, press Enter to open the password text box.

<2>. Type in a new password on the text box, and then press Enter.

<3>. When your Toshiba password is reset successfully, press and key to continue.

3. Clear BIOS password on Toshiba laptop/computer

When you forgot your Toshiba BIOS password and can’t get into BIOS settings, you can clear the password from it.

(1) Clear Toshiba BIOS password by butting off the CMOS power

<1>. Open the case box, find the CMOS jump line, transform the jump line from 1-2 stitch to the 2-3 stitch.

<2>. You also can find the CMOS battery, and then take it out for five minutes. (Some others say it may take an hour, so just have a try).

(2) Get into Toshiba BIOS settings with the generic CMOS password if forgot your BIOS password

If you still can’t get into BIOS screen when forgot the password, and the methods above do not work for you, you can find the generic CMOS password to have a try. You also can use the CMOS password to get into your Toshiba system when forgot the system password.

(3) Clear Toshiba BIOS password via Command

<1>. Get into Toshiba DOS screen, folllow “C:WINDOWS;” type in the command:


– 0 70 10

-0 71 ff

– q


<2>. When get out of the DOS screen, you can get into the BIOS screen again, and you will find that it would not ask you for password any more.



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