How to Install/Reinstall Windows 7 on Dell Latitude d430, d520, d610, d830, e6400, e6410

Most of us know that it is very easy to install or reinstall a Windows on computer with an installation DVD, but however if there is no Windows installation DVD beside you, or your laptop do not support a DVD drive, what to do? Don’t worry, besides DVD, we also can install a system with a USB disc.

In this article mainly shows you how to install or reinstall Windows 7 on Dell Latitude with a USB installation tool. The steps to install Windows 7 on Dell Latitude e6410, e6400, d430, d520, d610, d830 are the same with the steps on other computer, such as Dell Inspiron, Dell Vostro.


Before to carry out the steps, we need to prepare a USB, a Windows 7 ISO installation file, and download a Vodusoft Windows 7 USB installation tool.

Step 1: Insert USB device into the computer, and run the Vodusoft Windows 7 installation tool, click on “Browse” to select a Windows 7 ISO image file.

select windows 7 iso file

Step 2: Select the USB device on the drop-down list, and then click on “Burn to USB”.

burn windows 7 iso file to usb


When the message “Burning Successfully!” pops up, it means that the Windows 7 USB installation disc has been created successfully.

Step 3: Connect Windows 7 USB installation disc with the Dell laptop or desktop computer that you want to install or reinstall Windows 7.

Step 4: Set computer to boot from the USB disc

  •  4.1 Restart/start your Dell laptop or desktop computer, press Boot Menu Key (F12 on Dell laptop; ESC on Dell desktop computer) immediately when the Dell Logo appears.

dell logo

  • 4.2 When the Dell Boot Menu comes up, select the USB device (most of the time, it shows with the USB name), press Enter to set computer boot from the USB disc.

Set computer to boot from USB device

Step 5: When the Windows 7 installation program sets up, select the language and other preference, and click on “Next” to continue the install process.

install windows 7

Step 6: Click on “Install Now” begin to install Windows 7 on Dell Latitude. If want to repair the Windows 7 system on computer, you can click on the Repair Windows 7 system link to repair it.

Tips: The installation program will help to install Windows 7 automatically until the installation process finish.



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