How to change my Wi-Fi password simply

With the widely spread used of mobile devices, the requirement of Wi-Fi network is increase day by day. And your Wi-Fi password is easier to broken with the improvement of Wi-Fi password cracker. If you think your Wi-Fi password has been finally hacked by your neighborhood, it is time to change/reset your wireless network’s password.

Follow this article will show you how to change Wi-Fi password efficiently:

Tools prepare:

  •  Wireless router
  • Network cable
  •  Windows 7

Computer parameter settings:

(1) Use the network cable to connect the computer network export with one of the router’s WAL interface.

(2) Double click on the Local Area Connection picture button.

(3) When the Local Area Connection Status windows appears, click on the Properties button.

Local area connection status

(4) On the Local Area Connection Properties windows double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option.

Local area connection properties

(5) Set IP address on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties windows.

Internet protocol version 4 properties

(6) On the internet explore address bar type in the address like:

Tips: This address depends on your Wi-Fi IP address.


Change your Wi-Fi password:

(1) When logon the wireless router, click on the “Wireless option”.

(2) Select the “Wireless basic setting” option on the left panel.

(3) Select your Wi-Fi password protect type, such as wep type.

(4) Change your Wi-Fi password, and then click on Apply.


Change your Wi-Fi router login password

(1) Log into your Wi-Fi router, the default user name is admin, default password is blank.

(2) When get into your Wi-Fi router, click on the “Tools” option.

(3) Select “Set password” on the left panel.

(4) Change your Wi-Fi router login password, and then click on Apply.



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