How to Break Wi-Fi Password

Found a Wi-Fi signal on your laptop or cell phone? And want to connect with it? But how disaster, It asked you for password! I met with this case too before, but I break the Wi-Fi password successfully at last. Here I am glad to share with you the experience how to crack Wi-Fi password.


This article mainly discuss about the methods to break Wep Wi-Fi password, not the Wpa password. Because the Wpa is much more difficult to break then the Wep password.

This article is appropriated for computer beginners. Here are the detail steps:


1. A computer with WLAN card or a laptop.

2. Search a breakable Wi-Fi signal that is encrypted with the web password, such as the signal around your house.

3. A USB at least has 2 G free space.

4. Download BackTrack3.

5. Download spoonwep2 a powerful Wi-Fi password break program.


1. Format your USB, select the system file FAT32.

2. Extract the BackTrack3 you download and copy it to the USB, and then you can see two files, boot file and BT3 file.

3. Begin to install BackTrack3

  • 3.1 Click on Start to open the Start Menu, click Run…, type in CMD, and then press Enter.
  • 3.2 Type in your USB drive serial, here in my computer is H, so I type in H:, and then press Enter.
  • 3.3 And then type in cd boot, press Enter to get into boot file.
  • 3.4 At last select bootinst.bat, press Enter, and then the BackTrack3 program begin to install.
  • 3.5 When the hint screen comes up, press any key to continue, and then after 10 minutes, the USB will bring the system into BackTrack3.

4. Integrate the spoonwep2 software

  • 4.1 Extract the spoonwep2 you downloaded, and then copy the six .lzm files in to the USB \bt3\modules file.

How to break Wi-Fi password:

1. Insert the USB into your computer, and then restart computer, press BIOS Entry Key to get into the BIOS settings, and then set the USB to the first Boot option.

Tips: On different computers, the BIOS Entry Keys are different, such as press F2, Del or F1 when the power on.

2. After your computer boot from the USB, will get into the BT3 system automatically (If need, select the vesa mode).

3. Start the spoonwep2 software.

3.1) On the Start Menu, click backtrack →radio network → analysis → 80211 →all → spoonwep2

3.2) When the spoonwep2 program starts, you will see the WLAN card settings screen, and then set the local WLAN card interface one by one.

3.3) Select the WLAN card chip type, and the search mode, and then click on Next.

3.4) When get into the search screen, click on the LAUNCH button begin to search.

3.5) The program will list the Wi-Fi information for you, click on a Wi-Fi signal, and then click on “selection ok”.

3.6) After a few minutes the Wi-Fi password will be broken, and then you can get back to the windows and use the password to connect with the Wi-Fi.



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