Crack Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2013 Password efficiently

Forgot your Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2013 document password? And finding methods to crack the Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2013 document protected password? It would be very frustrated if you are urgent to get data from the protected document but forgot the protection password. Don’t annoyed with it any more, this article will show you the details how to crack the encrypted password efficiently and safely.

1. Crack the Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2013 protected password with other passwords

Try to remember the password related to the things you like such as the name of people, pet you love. The birthday of your family member, or the numbers you like to use. If they do not work for you, try the other passwords you are using. Don’t laugh at it, it would be very helpful for you, because many people like to use the same password for many things.

2. Crack Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2013 password with the password recovery program.

If you only forgot one of the document passwords among Excel/Word/PowerPoint, you can choose the Excel, Word or PowerPoint password cracker program to help you crack the forgotten password, or you can choose the Office password recovery program.

The steps to use them are similar, and here I will take Office password recovery program for example:

Step1: Download Vodusoft Office password recovery program and install it on the windows where you place the office 2013 document.

Step2: Click on Open to choose the office (Excel/Word/PowerPoint) 2013 protected document.


Step3: Choose an appropriate attack mode, such as Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and smart Attack.

attack mode

Step4: If you remember part of the password, you can choose the Brute-force with Mask Attack. Following the steps show you to use this attack mode to crack office password quickly and efficiently.

  • 4.1 Choose the Brute-force Attack, on the Range option select the appropriate character options, and then on the Length option specify the Minimal password length and Maximal password length.

select character option

specify the password length


  • 4.2 Choose the Mask Attack, and specify some password symbols that you are sure to remember. For example, if the password is “Vodusoft”, but you forgot the four characters among the password, you can specify it like “vo????ft”

specify the password symble

Tips: If you need more details, you can refer to the article how to recover office password.

Step5: After specify the settings, click on Start to crack the office (Excel/Word/PowerPoint) 2013 document password.

start crack office password

Step6: When the Office (Excel/Word/PowerPoint) password is cracked successfully, the password will be display as below, and then you can copy it to open the document instantly.

open office document