How to Use Chntpw to Reset Windows 8 Password

Chntpw, open source and free software, can help to remove/reset password on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Here, in this article will show you the details how to use Chntpw to reset Windows 8 password.

Step 1: Download Chntpw password reset Image file from net site:

Step 2: Use a CD/USB to burn the ISO image file to a boot disk.

  •  2.1 Insert a USB or CD/DVD into the pc where you download Chntpw, and run the Chntpw program.

Step 3: Set your Windows 8 computer to boot from the boot disk.

  •  3.1 Take out the boot disk (USB or CD/DVD), and then insert it to the Windows 8 computer that you want to remove or reset password.
  •  3.2 Restart the computer, press BIOS Entry Key or Boot Menu key to set up the Boot Menu.

Step 4: Reset or remove your Windows 8 admin password on the Chntpw program.

  • 4.1 When the Chntpw program starts, select your use name and remove password from it.

Step 5: Save the change and exit Chntpw program, reboot your Windows 8 computer.

Step 6: When get to the windows logon screen, you can log into without password.


If it still rejects you with the message “user name or password is incorrect”, it means the Chntpw has failed to remove or reset your Windows 8 password.


At last, if the Chntpw password reset program doesn’t work on your Windows 8 computer, you can get the Vodusoft Windows password reset program to recover Windows 8 password efficiently.

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