If can’t remember Windows 8 Password what to do

Can’t remember your Windows 8 password? If you still can get into your computer with administrator privilege, reset the password easily by yourself without any program and device. If not, remove or reset the forgotten password with password software in case data lose.

can't remember windows 8 password

Solution 1: Get into Windows 8 and reset forgot password without software and device

When you can’t remember your Windows 8 system password, you still can get into the system with picture password, PIN code or Microsoft account. Steps to do:

Step 1: Get into your Windows 8 computer with PIN code or Picture password that you have created.

Step 2: Right-click on Start button or press Windows +X to open the Start Menu.

Step 3: Right-click on Computer, select Manage (or click on Computer Management directory).

windows 8 computer management

Step 4: Expand the Computer Management panel: System Tools\Local Users and Groups\Users.

reset windows 8 forgot password

Step 5: Double-click on Users to open the user list, right click on your user account, select Set password…

Step 6: When the hint message pups up, click on Proceed to continue.

click proceed

Step 7: Type in the new password to reset password, you also can let it blank to remove password. Follow the wizard to finish the steps.


If you are not local user and have no administrator privilege, you can’t change the password with this method.


Solution 2: Can’t remember Windows 8 password, and locked out of computer

Vodusoft Windows password recovery special version can help to reset or remove Windows 8 password efficiently and safely without any data lose, it also can help to add or delete user account on Windows 8 computer.

Here will mainly show you how to remove or reset Windows 8 password with Vodusoft Windows password reset special:

Step 1: Download Vodusoft Windows password reset program and install it on an accessible computer.

Vodusoft Windows password reset program special version free trial download

Step 2: Insert a USB or writable CD/DVD into the computer, and then click on Burn to USB (or Burn to CD/DVD that depends on what removable device you insert).

Burn to a USB boot disk

Step 3: When the bootable password reset disk is burning successfully, take it out and then insert into your Windows 8 computer.

Step 4: Restart pc and then set your Windows 8 computer to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD.

Step 5: When Vodusoft Windows password reset program comes up, follow the steps one by one on the wizard to do.

Windows 8 forgot password reset

Step 6: When the password is remove or reset, take out the removable device (USB or CD/DVD), and click Reboot, Yes to restart your Windows 8 computer. When get to the logon screen, logon with the password you reset.


Solution 3: Get your computer to repaired or restore windows 8 system

If you do not want to reset your Windows 8 password with the password reset program, and don’t be afraid of losing data on your computer, you also can:

(1) Take your computer to repair shop for repairing.

(2) Restore your Windows system to the early backup point if you have backup your system before.

(3) Reinstall your Windows 8 system.

(4) Restore your computer to factory mode.



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