MS Access/Outlook 2013 Password Recovery

I saw many questions about forgetting Access/Outlook password from the Microsoft Question Net, such as:

“I set up my outlook account with a user id and password but have not used it to send anything yet, now I cannot remember the password of my outlook I used set. Is there any way to set up a new user or recover password for my outlook on my computer?”

“Hi, I am using MS access 2013 and built a database, and I set a password on the database for security. But unfortunately, I forgot the password, and now I can’t open the open it to see the data. Please help me to recover the password on the access database, thanks in advance!”

Forgot Access/Outlook password? This article will discuss with you the Access/Outlook 2013 password recovery methods. If you lost the Access/Outlook password, you can refer to the methods below to recover the lost password for you.

1. Access database 2013 file password recovery

Steps how to recover Access database 2013 password:

<1>. Download Vodusoft Access Password recovery program and install it in the computer that you place the access file.

Download Vodusoft Access password recovery program free trail

<2>. Launch the vodusoft access password recovery program, click on Open to choose the Access database 2013 file.

<3>. Among the four Attack Modes, select the appropriate one.

Brute-Force Attack: Access Password recovery program can find out a short password quickly, but will take more time to recover a long password.

Dictionary Attack: Access password recovery program will try all password character combinations set in the dictionaries. So if you use the Dictionary Attack, add the possible characters combinations to the dictionary, which will help you shorten the password recovery time.

Smart Attack: Access password recovery program will try all of the printable character combinations, which will take more time to find out a strong password.

Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you remember part of the password, mask the password, specify the unknown characters as “?” symbol. For example, if your password is “vodusoft”, specify it as “vo????soft” on the mask text box.

<4>. Specify the password settings such as the password range, password length, password symbols.

<5>. Click on Start to recover the access 2013 database password.

<6>. When the password is found, copy it to open the access 2013 database file.

2. Outlook 2013 password recovery

The steps to recover Outlook password is similar to the Access, here I will show you the main steps:

<1>. Get Vodusoft Outlook password recovery software and install it on your pc.

Download Vodusoft Outlook password recovery program free trail

<2>. Click Open to choose the Outlook 2013 password protected file.

<3>. Select the appropriate password Attack Mode, and specify the attack settings.

<4>.Click on Start and begins to recover the Outlook 2013 password.

<5>. Copy the password to open the access 2013 locked file.

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