Reset Password Windows Server 2008 Raid

Forgot Windows Server 2008 Raid password? In this article will show you the ways to reset server Raid password quickly. Be patient and take a few minutes to read about this document, you will get help from it.

Vodusoft Windows Password Reset Raid edition can help you to recover Windows server 2008, 2012, 2003, 2000 password on DELL, HP, IBM, ASUS, and LENOVO with RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 5e, RAID5ee, RAID 50, RAID 6, RAID 7.

The steps how to reset password Windows Server 2008 Raid:

create a password reset diskCreate a password reset disk

  • 1.1 Prepare a Writable CD\DVD or USB insert into an accessible pc.
  • 1.3 If insert a CD\DVD, click CD\DVD, click Begin burning.
  •  1.4 If insert a USB, click USB device, click Begin burning.
  • 1.5 When Burning successfully, it means the password reset disk has been created successfully. Take out the password reset disk, insert it into your windows server 2008 locked computer.

set computer to boot from reset diskSet Computer to boot from the password reset disk

. 2.1 Restart your locked computer, press BIOS Entry Key repeatedly when the logo flash, until BIOS screen comes up.

  • 2.2 When get into BIOS screen, press ◄ ► key to move to the Boot Menu.
  • 2.3 Press ↑↓+/- key to set removable device (your USB or CD\DVD) to the first boot list.
  •  2.4 Press F10, Enter to continue.

Reset windows server 2008 Raid passwordReset Windows Server 2008 Raid password

  • 3.1 When the Vodusoft Windows password reset program set up, select Windows server Raid system, click user account.
  •  3.2 Click Reset button, Yes to set password to Vodusoft@2012.
  •  3.3 Click Reboot, unplug password reset disk from your lock pc, click Yes to restart pc.
  • 3.4 Get into pc with password Vodusoft@2012.


BIOS Entry Keys in different computers:

  •  DELL Inspiron, Dell Dimension, Dell Precision, Dell Optiplex, Dell Vostro, Dell XPS press F2
  •  Dell Latitude press Fn+F1
  •  Hp and Compaq Desktop PCs (Built in 2006 or later (came with Vista or Windows 7, 8)) press F10
  • Hp and Compaq Desktop PCs (Built before 2006 (XP or earlier)) press F1
  • HP Notebook PCs press F10
  • ASUS press F2
  • Lenovo press F2

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