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The security of email is more and more important in nowadays with the widely used of net work. How to protect email outlook with the password? And how to prevent the email password from hacker? This article will discuss the methods with you!

Method 1: Encrypt personal file to protect email password

The sent and received Email are stored in a file that we can create password to protect it. How to set a password on the Email file? Below will show you the detail steps:

(1) Open the Outlook, find Personal file, right-click on Personal file, and then select Personal file properties.

(2) Click on Advanced, click on Change Email password, and then on the password text box type in the old password, new password, and the confirm password.


Method 2: Use the Email filtering rules

If you receive thousands of emails every day, then it is hard for you to find the email you want, that will waste you a lot of time. And what is worse, sometimes, you will get the rubbish email which may bring you virus.

How to create a filter on Outlook Email:

Step 1: Get into Outlook 2000, on the Tools bar select Rules wizard, on the right panel click on New to add the email filter rules.

Step 2: Select the rule: Check the email when it arrives.

Step 3: Click on “Protect email password Next”, and then select the requirement: “My name is not on the receiver box”, and then click on Next.

Step 4: Select how to deal with the rubbish email, you can select move to a file, and then if you want to read it next time, you can recover it. If you select delete it forever, then you can’t find it forever.


Method 3: Backup your email password information to prevent email password from hacking

How to backup the email information:

Step 1: Copy all of the email file to E: mymail.

Step 2: On the Outlook Express, click on Tools, and then select Options.

Step 3: Click on Maintenance, click on stored file.

Step 4: Click on Change, select the E: mymail for the stored file, and then click on Yes.



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