Lenovo password reset on laptop/ computer

Forgot Lenovo laptop/computer password on Windows 7, 8, Vista? And finding Lenovo password reset methods? Take a few minutes to read this article and pick the appropriate and best one to deal with your Lenovo password problem.

Solution 1: Remove Lenovo laptop/computer forgot password easily

If you just forgot the password but still can get into your Lenovo laptop/computer with finger print or other account with administrator privilege, then you can remove the password with net user command. I forgot windows 7 password on my Lenovo laptop too before, but I still can get into with the finger print, so I remove my old password and set a new one that is easy to remember on it.

The steps to remove Lenovo password through Command Prompt is very easy:

Step1: Get into Lenovo laptop, click on Starts, click Command Prompt.

Step2: Type in command: Net User <user name> “”, and then press Enter.

Remove Lenovo laptop/computer password

When get message “The command has completed successfully”, it means the password has been removed.

Solution 2: Reset Lenovo laptop /computer password with freeware

Chntpw is open source and free software that base on text console. You can use it to reset Lenovo laptop/computer password offline freely. But it is base on the black and white text console, if you are not familiar with the command, it may be a little difficult for you to carry out. So, if you are failed to reset password with it, you can try with the Windows Password Reset program below that has a good user interface and instructions.

Mainly steps to use Chntpw:

Step1: Download Chntpw from official web site: http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/

Step2: Use a cd to create a live cd disc Chntpw.

Step3: Restart Lenovo laptop/computer, and set it to boot from the live cd.

Step4: Select the default user account name, and remove the password from it.

Step5: Restart Lenovo laptop/computer, get in without password, and then set a new password on it.

Windows Vista Password Reset

Solution 3: Unlock Lenovo laptop/computer with Windows password reset program

There are many Windows password reset programs on the internet such as Spower, Asunsoft, Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program that can help to reset password for windows 7, 8, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008 r2.

Here will take Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program for example to reset Lenovo laptop/computer password.

Step1: Install Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program in an accessible pc.

Vodusoft Windows Password Reset standard free trail

Step2: Insert a USB or CD to the pc, choose the media type, click on Begin burning.

Begin burning

Step3: Unplug the device insert into your Lenovo laptop/computer.

Step4: Set laptop/computer to boot from USB or CD/DVD.

  • 4.1 Restart Lenovo laptop/computer, and press Boot Menu Key (F12) repeatedly, when the Lenovo logo appears.

boot menu


  • 4.2 Use the up and down key to select the removable device, when the Boot Menu pups up, and then press Enter.

Step5: Select user account, click Reset, click Yes to remove password from the user.

Lenovo laptop/computer password reset

Step6: Click Reboot, take out the removable device, click Yes to restart Lenovo laptop/computer.

Tips: You also can press BIOS Entry Key (f2) to get into BIOS, and then set laptop/computer to boot from the password reset disk.


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