I forgot my computer password windows 7?

I forgot my computer password windows 7, and I am locked out of  my laptop now. I need a program to unlock my computer password immediately and go on with my job. Does anybody can tell me what to do? Thanks. ” – Asked from Microsoft forums.

“Locked out of windows 7 laptop, my daughter forgot her laptop password a few days ago, and now she can’t logon windows with the old password, can we get into without password?”- Ask from Mark.

“i forgot my windows 7 home basic password on my computer, how can I reset my computer password? Thanks!” Question from Vincent.

forgot windows 7 computer password

Have you ever came across the problem that forgot windows 7 password on your compute/laptop? This happens beside us sometimes when we create a strong password to prevent others access our computer, but forgot to write it down.

If you meet with the same problem, don’t worry, the effective methods described in this article will show you how to reset windows 7 password.

1st: Reset forgotten password to windows 7 computer through Computer manage

If you still can get into windows 7 computer/laptop with other user account, then you can change windows 7 password with computer manage forcedly.

Step1: Get into computer with another user account, on the Start Menu, right-click on Computer, and then select Manage.

Step2: Expand the Computer Management by this way: System Tools\Local Users and Groups\Users

Step3: Double click on Users to open the user list, and right-click on your user account name, and then select Set password…to set a new password for your user account.

Tips: Reset password by this way will cause information loss. Read about the tips in details and think about that whether you have important data to protect from losing or not.

set windows 7 password

2nd: Reset forgot password to your computer with Command Prompt

Reset password with command prompt is a simple and easy way, but it is base on that you can logon computer with another account who has administrator privilege.

On the Start Menu, open the Command Prompt, type in: net user <user name > <password>

reset windows 7 forgot password with command prompt

3rd: Recover windows 7 computer password with windows 7 password reset disk

Creating a windows 7 password reset disk is a very good idea, you can see now it is great useful when you forgot windows password. You can take the password reset disk to reset forgotten password in an easy way. Insert the password reset disk and restart your windows 7 computer to the log on screen, press Enter, when the incorrect password message pups up, click on OK, click on the Reset password… link below the password text box, and then you can reset computer password easily following the password reset Wizard.

windows 7 password reset wizard

4th: Recover windows 7 password with Vodusoft windows 7 password reset usb

Forgot windows 7 home premium password? Or you just want to reset windows 7 home basic password? If the methods above do not work for you, take Vodusoft windows password reset software to have a try.

<1> Download Vodusoft Windows 7 password reset tool.

<2>Insert a USB flash and run Vodusoft program to create a password reset disk.

<3> Take out the USB and insert into the locked computer, and then set computer to boot from the USB.

<4>When the password reset Wizard appears, follow the steps to reset windows 7 password one by one.

vodu password reset

<5>Use the new password to logon your computer/laptop.

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