I can’t remember my laptop/desktop computer password

“I can’t remember my Asus laptop password, and have no reset disk, can I get into my Asus computer without password? If can, how? Can anybody give me any details? Thanks in advance!” — Question from Carl.

I forgot my Windows 8 password on my Asus desktop computer too, a few days ago. I have no reset disk and can’t get into computer with other administrator password, so I remove my windows password with a USB boot disk that created by a Vodusoft Windows password reset program. And then get into my Asus computer without password.

Here I am glad to share with my experience how to use Vodusoft Windows password reset standard program. This method can works on all of the laptop or desktop computers, such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus.

Step 1: Download Vodusoft Windows Password Reset Standard program from an accessible computer and install it.

Download Vodusoft Windows Password Reset Standard program free trial version

Step 2: Insert a USB, click on USB device, and then click on Begin Burning to create a USB boot disk.

burn to a usb boot disk


Before to be created a boot disk, the USB will be initialized, make sure there are no important data on the USB or backup the data on it.

Step 3: Take the USB, insert into Asus computer, and set it to boot from the USB boot disk.

How to set Asus computer to boot from USB boot disk?

  •  3.1 Restart Asus computer, and press the BIOS Entry Key (F2) repeatedly during the boot process.
  • 3.2 When get into Asus BIOS settings, click on Advanced Options, and then move to the Boot Menu option (or click on the Boot Menu option).

move to the boot menu

  • 3.3 On the Boot Option, select the USB boot disk, and then set it to the first boot option.

Step 4: When the Vodusoft Windows password reset program sets up, select Windows system, and your user account.

Step 5: Click Reset, Yes to remove password; Click Reboot, Yes to save change and restart computer.

remove the forgotten password

If you still can get into computer, you can open the Command Prompt, type in the command: Net User <user name> <new password> to reset password.

If the Methods above do not work for you, and you do not know what to do, ask for help from your computer vendor, or take your computer to repair shop for repairing.

If reinstall windows, have a think about that if there are important data on your computer hard disk, if have, please backup the important data first.

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