How to Unlock Windows 8 Password

Locked out of your computer that installed with Windows 8? And are frustrated to find ways to unlock windows 8 password? This document will show you two effective methods to recover windows 8 forgot password.

Windows 8 is a very secure system with windows 8 Picture password, because the picture password is very easy for users to remember but difficult for others to guess. If you forgot your windows 8 classic system password, you can login windows 8 with PIN code or picture password to change the password easily.

However if you also can’t get into computer with the methods above, and do not want to reinstall windows 8 system, you can use windows 8 password recovery usb.

Example1: Unlock Windows 8 password with windows 8 password reset disk.

Don’t forget to create a windows 8 password reset disk, when you create a password on your windows 8 system. This is a good method to prevent locking out of computer when you forget password.

Steps how to unlock windows 8 password with password reset disk:

<1>. Lunch your windows 8 pc to the logon screen, press Enter directory to set up the password incorrect hint.

<2>. When the hint appears, click on Ok to close it, you can see the Reset password link below the password text box.

Unlock  windows 8 password

<3>. Click on the Reset password … link, insert the Windows 8 password reset disk into the locked computer, and select the removable device, click on Next to continue.

Unlock windows 8 password

<4>. Type in the new password on the password text box and click on Next.

<5>. When finish the operation following the Wizard, Click on Finish, and then you can log into windows 8 computer with new password.

Example2: Unlock Windows 8 password with Vodusoft Windows 8 password recovery usb.

Haven’t created a password reset disk yet? It doesn’t matter, Vodusoft Windows password reset tool can help you to create a windows 8 password reset disc with a USB flash drive.

Here are the steps how to use Vodusoft Windows 8 Password Reset.

<1>. Download Vodusoft Windows Password Reset software and install it in an accessible pc.

<2>. Insert a usb and run the program click Burn to USB to create a bootable usb drive.

Windows 8 forgot password

<3>. Take the USB insert to the locked pc, and restart it.

<4>. Press the locked computer to boot from USB.

<5>. When Vodusoft Password Reset Wizard set up, select Windows 8 and your user account, and then click on Reset, unplug usb, click on Reboot.



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2 thoughts on “How to Unlock Windows 8 Password”

  1. I created a password reset usb with Vodusoft Windows password reset standard program to unlock my Acer laptop installed with Windows 8, but when I set my laptop to boot from BIOS , it get to the logon screen, not the password reset screen. What is the problem?

    1. First, make sure you have created the password reset USB flash drive correctly
      Then, take the password reset usb insert into your locked computer
      Next, restart your locked computer, get into the BIOS settings, move to the Boot Menu, select your USB device, and then set it to the first boot option, press F10, press Enter
      If you set the BIOS settings correctly, you will get to the Vodusoft Windows password reset wizard

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