How to unlock active directory account with software if forgot password

How to unlock active directory account if forgot password? This article will show you the details about password reset in active directory.

Vodusoft Windows password reset special version can help you to reset windows server 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000 active directory user account password. It also can help to create\delete active directory user account.

Steps how to unlock active directory account with Vodusoft Windows password reset special:

download windows programPrepare a USB or CD\DVD, download and install Vodusoft Windows password reset special on an accessible computer.

Vodusoft Windows password reset special version free download

create a password reset diskInsert the USB or CD\DVD into the accessible pc.

  •  2.1 Insert a USB, select USB device, click Burn to USB

Burn to USB

  • 2.2 Insert a CD\DVD, select CD\DVD-ROM, click Burn to CD\DVD

Burn to CD

step3 to set locked laptop to boot from usb or cdTake the USB or CD\DVD out, insert into windows server where you want to unlock active account.

boot windows server Boot windows server from the USB or CD-ROM

  •  4.1 Restart\start locked computer, press BIOS Entry key immediately when the logo flash
  • 4.2 Get into BIOS, press key to move to the Boot Menu

move to boot menu

  • 4.3 If boot from USB, use ↑↓ or + – key to set USB device to the first.

select item

  •  4.3 If boot from CD\DVD-ROM, set CD device to the first .
  •  4.4 At last, press F10, Enter to save change.

save change

reset active directory passwordWhen Vodusoft password reset program set up successfully, select Windows server, and user account name. Click Reset, password will be set to Vodusoft@2012, write down the password on the note book. Unplug removable device (USB or CD), click Reboot.

Unlock active directory account

When go to the logon screen, get into windows server with Vodusoft@2012 password you just set.

Bios Entry Key table:

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