How to find MS Office 2013 product key

“When I was away from home, my little sister uninstalled my Microsoft Office 2013 program accidently that I installed on my windows 8 laptop recently. Now I want to reinstall it, but unfortunately, I forgot where the office 2013 product key I saved. How can I find back my Office product key quickly from my laptop? Thanks in advance! ”- From Bruce

Lost or forgot your Microsoft Office 2013 product key? This article will show you how to find your MS Office 2013 product key as soon as possible.

1. Find Office 2013 product key from registry

Find product key from the regedit is very complex and will take you much time because the ways to find different product keys on the computer are various.

<1>. Open the Start Menu, click on Run….

<2>. Type in: Regedit, and then Press Enter to open the regedit.

<3>. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Registration

Try with this way to find your Office 2013 product key on the registry, if you can’t find it, you can take a product key finder to help you.

2. Find Office 2013 product key instantly with a product key finder

Product Key Finder is a program that designed to find product keys for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio and other software. If you have installed that software such as office 2013 on your computer and activated it before, then you can find the product key instantly.

<1>. Download Vodusoft Product Key Finder and install it on the windows where you want to find office 2013 product key.

install product key finder

Vodusoft Office produt key finder free trail

<2>. When the product key finder launch, click on Start Recovery to find product keys.

start to find Ms office 2013 product key

<3>. All of the product keys will be displayed in list when they are found.

save all product keys to a file

<4>. Click on Save to File to save all of the product keys on a text file. And then you can find the Office 2013 product key easily and quickly.


How to find Ms Office 2013 product key on computer tutorial video

find Microsoft Office 2013 product key on computer


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