How to Access BIOS and Boot Menu in windows 8

How to access BIOS in Windows 8 and get into the Boot Menu? There is a great change between Windows 8 and traditional systems, so the steps to get into windows 8 BIOS may be different from others.

Windows 8 screen

1. Old computer with Windows 8

Traditionally, on the old systems, if want to get into BIOS settings, just need to press the BIOS Entry Key during the boot process. On different computers, the BIOS Entry Keys are different. At the beginning of the boot process, you often can see the message “press F2 or Del to enter setup”.

during setup process

Some of the BIOS Entry Keys on different computers:

(1) On HP laptop, desktop, notebook PCs, press F10 or F1.

(2) On Dell Inspiron, Dell Dimension, Dell Precision, Dell Optiplex, Dell Vostro, Dell XPS, press F2.

(3) Dell Latitude press Fn+F1.

(4) Acer Aspire, Power, Veriton, Extensa, Ferrari, TravelMate, Altos, press DEL or F2.

(5) Gateway laptop, desktop, press F1 or F2.

(6) Lenovo laptop, desktop, press F2.

(7) Toshiba laptop, desktop, press F1 or ESC.

2. Computer with Windows 8 hardware, access UEFI BIOS

<1> Click Settings, click Change PC settings.

Windows 8 settings       windows 8 change pc settings

<2> On the PC settings, select General, click on Restart now.

Windows 8 general setting

<3> Click on the Troubleshoot button.

Windows 8 trouble shoot

<4> Click on Advanced options on the right-bottom corner.

Windows 8 advanced options

<5> and then select the UEFI Firmware Settings, and then your windows 8 system will restart and get into BIOS settings.

Windows 8 UEFI Firware Settings


If you do not see the UEFI Firmware Settings, it means your computer doesn’t use UEFI. You can press BIOS Entry Key during the boot process to access Windows 8 BIOS settings.


3. Get into Windows 8 Boot Menu

When you get into the BIOS settings, can press key and move to the Boot Menu option. Or press the Boot Menu Key directory  to set up the Windows 8 Boot Menu when restart or start computer.

windows 8 boot menu

If you are not sure what the Boot Menu key is on your computer, you can see the message like “Press F2 to enter SETUP, F12 for Network Boot, ESC for Boot Menu” during the boot process.

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