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Forgot Win 7 password? There are many methods to recover Win 7 password instantly, such as reset password through command prompt, password reset disk, windows password reset tool. There also a lot of password recovery tools, like Spower, asunsoft, Vodusoft Windows 7 Password Reset etc. In this article we will mainly discuss how to use Vodusoft Windows 7 Password Reset software to reset win7 password instantly.

Forgot Win 7 password? – Reset it with Vodusoft tool!

Detail steps for showing how to use Vodusoft program to reset win 7 password:

Material/tool prepareed:

Download Vodusoft Windows 7 password reset program free trail

Use guide steps:

reset win 7 password Install and launch Vodusoft password software in the accessible computer that connects with internet.

forgot win 7 password Run the Vodusoft program with a USB or CD/DVD to burn to a password reset file.

Tips: The password reset file was stored on the USB or CD/DVD you connect.

  • 1. Insert the USB or CD/DVD, and select the device

  • 2. Click on Burn to USB or Burn to CD/DVD to burn a password reset disk.

Windows 7 Password Reset


recover win 7 passwordSet the locked computer to boot with the password reset disk

  • 1. Transform the password reset disk insert into the locked computer
  •  2. Restart the locked win 7 computer, and press the BIOS Entry Key (F2) repeatedly as soon as possible.

Tips: The BIOS Entry Keys, on different computers are various, if you are use Lenovo then press F2, if other computers, you can try on F10 or F1. You can refer to the BIOS Entry Key on the end of this article.

  • 3. When the black and white BIOS screen get up, press the right and left key to move to the Boot menu, just as the picture below:

  • 4. On the Boot menu, move to the USB or CD/DVD device, and use the up and down arrow to move it to the first boot list. See instructions on the left or bottom of the Bios screen.
  • 5. Press F10 and press Enter to save the change and exit to send up the Vodusoft password reset wizard.

reset win 7 passwordReset Win7 password following the Vodusoft password reset program

  • 1. When the password reset wizard appears, select the Win7 System, and click on the user name that lost password.
  • 2. Click on Reset, and click on Yes after reading the hint message.

Tips: the program will remove the user account password to blank or reset a new password on it, and please remember the new password and use it to log into windows at last.

  • 3. Click on Reboot, when the yes or no message pups up, unconnected the password reset disk, and click on Yes

Windows 7 Password Reset


reset win 7 passwordWhen get to pc the logon screen, get into computer without password or the new reset password.


BIOS Entry Key table:

Win 7 forgot password? – Recover it with Chntpw tool

Chntpw is a free win 7 password recovery tool which can help you reset win 7 login password your are locked out of windows 7. You can follow the instructions below to create a chntpw disk and use it to reset the lost password.

1. Download a Chntpw live cd and create a USB boot disk.

2. Boot your locked win 7 computer from the USB boot disk.

3. When chntpw starts, choose a win 7 system if you have more then one system on the computer.

4. Select the operation: Remove a user account password.

5. Select a win 7 user account to remove it password.

6. Save the change to and reboot computer.

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