Forgot system password windows xp can i recover?

Forgot Windows XP password on my HP laptop, have not created a password reset disk, and can’t get into my computer anymore. How can I recover my HP laptop password or do I need to reinstall XP system? i have a lot of applications installed on my laptop, if reinstall system, that would cause a big lost. Anybody has any good ideas? I would be very appreciated for your great help! ”


Lost windows XP password? There are many methods for you to recover forgotten password without reinstalling System.


Method1: Recover Windows XP forgot password through Safe Mode

Windows XP has a user account named administrator without password by default, so if you have not created a password on it, you can logon the system Safe Mode to reset windows XP password on your user account. Here I take HP laptop for example:

1. Start/restart you HP laptop, and then press F10 or F1 key immediately and repeatedly until the black screen sets up, choose the Safe Mode option, and press Enter to get into the Safe Mode.

2. When get in the Save Mode, you can open the Command Prompt on the Start Menu.

3. On the Command Prompt, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>, and then press Enter to save the change. You also can let the password blank to remove the password.


Method2: Recover System forgot password with free password program

Chntpw is a free Windows password program that can use on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000. All of the progress using Chntpw is based on the console screen, so it may be a little hard for a computer newbie to finish. Here are the steps:

1. Get down the Chntpw grogram from here:

2. Use the USB flash dive or CD-ROM to create a bootable disc with the Chntpw program.

3. Set the lot computer to boot with the Chntpw bootable disc.

4. If your pc has a system only, keep the default option, or you will need to choose the target system such as Windows XP, and then press Enter to continue.

5. Select an operation option such as remove user password.

6. Select a target user account, if want to remove administrator password, keep the default option, save the change and exit.


Method3: Recovery Windows forgot password with Vodusoft password reset tool

If the methods do not work for you, don’t be disappointed, the Vodusoft Windows password reset program also be a good choice. The Vodusoft Windows password reset program can be used for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2000, 2003, 2008 to reset local or domain user.

1. Download Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program in an accessible pc.

2. Insert a movable hard device such as USB, and run the Vodusoft program. Select the device, and then click on Burn to USB to create a bootable USB disc.

3. Take the movable device insert in to the locked pc, start/restart it, and press F10 or F1 Entry Key to get in to the BIOS, and then set the HP laptop to boot from BIOS with the disc.

4. When the Vodusoft password reset wizard appears, follow the steps on by one on the screen to finish the operation.

5. When reset password successfully and get to the logon screen, click on the user account to get in your locked pc.

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