Crack Windows 7 Password

“How can you crack Windows 7 password? My sister went to school, and left her computer at home. Tomorrow she asked me to send some materials to her from her computer, but she set a password on the logon screen, and when I asked her for the password, she told me she forgot the computer password and the system is windows 7. She is urgent to get the material, can you give us a help to crack the windows 7 password? Thanks! ”

crack windows 7 password

Forgot windows 7 password? The methods to crack the windows 7 forgot password are various depend on the different situations. Take a few minutes to read about the methods on this article, and take the best one to carry out.

1. Crack windows 7 password through Command Prompt

If you still can get into the computer with other user account that has administrator privilege, then you can reset password on Command Prompt easily and simply. Just two steps:

  • 1. Get into computer, On the Start Menu, click on Command Prompt.
  • 2. When the Command Prompt screen appears, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>.

crack windows 7 password


Tips: The steps are similar to use Command Prompt to change password for windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 2000, 20003, 2008 on different computer such as HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, Gateway etc.

2. Crack windows 7 password with windows 7 password reset disk

The Windows 7 password reset disk can only used on windows 7 computer, but the steps how to use windows password reset disk to crack windows password are the same. Steps as below:

  • 1. Get to the computer logon screen, type in a wrong number or press Enter directory. If you press wrong number to logon you will get the incorrect password message.
  • 2. Click on OK, and then you can see the Reset password link below the password text box.
  • 3. Click on the Reset password link to open the password reset wizard.
  • 4. Insert the windows password reset disk, and follow the instruction to finish the steps.
  • 5. Get into computer with the new password you reset.

3. Crack windows 7 password with password recovery tool

There are many password recovery tools on the internet, such as Spower, Asunsoft, Vodusoft windows password reset software. They can also work for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2000, 2003, 2008 on different computers. Here I will show you how to use Vodusoft Windows Password Reset program to crack widows 7 password.

Needed tools and material:

Vodusoft Windows password reset software and a USB flash drive.

Steps as below:

windows 7 password reset Get down Vodusoft windows password reset software and install in an accessible pc

Get Vodusoft Windows 7 Password Reset program free trail

hack windows 7 passwordCreate a password reset disk with vodusoft program

  •      2.1 Insert the USB to the pc and run the Vodusoft program
  •      2.2 Select the USB device and click on Burn to USB

crack windows 7 password


hack windows 7 passwordSet locked computer to boot with the password reset disk

  •      3.1 Get the password reset disk just burning to, insert to the locked pc.
  •      3.2 Restart the locked pc and press Bios Entry Key such as F2 or others
  •      3.3 Adjust the Bios boot setting, and set the computer to boot from the USB.

hack windows 7 passwordReset windows 7 password following the Vodusoft password reset instruction

  •      4.1 When the Vodusoft program starts, select the system and user account.
  •      4.2. Click on Reset, click on Reboot, and take out the USB when the hint message pups up, and then click on OK

crack windows 7 password


 hack windows 7 passwordGet into computer with the blank password.


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