Chntpw doesn’t Work on Windows 8, 7

“Chntpw supports all Windows from NT3.5 to Windows 7, but does it not work on Windows 8?
I use Chntpw to remove my windows 8 user password, but when I reboot my computer to the logon screen, and get into windows without password, it still rejects me with the message “The user name or the password is incorrect” I have tried many times, but the results keep the same.” — Question from Scott

Chntpw is Open source and free software that can helps to reset any local user password. The Chntpw is based on the console text, it may be a little difficult to carry out by a computer newbie.

How to remove Windows 7/8 password with Chntpw:

<1>. Download Chntpw Password reset CD/USB boot disk from the official site.

<2>. Burn ISO image file to a CD/USB.

<3>. Set computer to boot from the CD/USB boot disk.

<4>. Select user name and remove the password from it.

<5>. Save the change and then reboot computer.


If Chntpw does not work for you, you can also get the Vodusoft Windows password reset special program to have a try.

Steps to reset Windows password with Vodusoft Windows password reset special program:

<1>. Get Vodusoft Windows password reset Special from an accessible computer, and install it.

<2>. Insert a USB or CD/DVD, click “Burn to USB” or “Burn to CD/DVD” to create apassword reset disk.

Burn to a password reset USB or CD/DVD

<3>. Transfer the password reset USB or CD/DVD insert into your locked computer.

<4>. Set your Windows to boot from USB or CD/DVD boot disk.

<5>. When the password reset screen comes up, select system, user name, click “Reset”, “Yes” to set password blank, click “Reboot”, disconnect USB or CD/DVD device, click “Yes” to reboot computer.

Reset windows password



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