How to set Windows 8 Boot from CD

Abstract of this article:

In this article will discuss about how to set Windows 8 to boot from CD/DVD-ROM in different computers for various reasons.


The details to set Windows 8 to boot from CD/DVD-ROM may be a little different on different computers, but the main steps are similar.

  •  Create a bootable cd disk.
  • Get into your computer Boot Menu.
  •  Set Windows 8 to boot from the CD/DVD-ROM.

Here will take Asus computer for example to show the details to set windows 8 to boot from CD:

Step 1: Create a bootable CD/DVD-ROM

  •  If you forgot Windows 8 password and want to reset it, create a bootable CD disk with a Windows password reset program, such as Vodusoft Windows password reset special program.
  • If you want to reinstall/install Windows 8 system on your computer with a CD/DVD-ROM, use “uiso9_cn.exe” program to upload Windows 8 setup package into your USB device.

Step 2: Get into the computer Boot Menu

  • Insert the bootable CD/DVD into your computer.


On different computers, the BIOS Entry Key or Boot Menu Keys are different, you can refer to the keys table at the end of this article.

Step 3: Set Windows 8 computer to boot from CD/DVD

(1) Press BIOS Entry Key and get into BIOS setting.

  • When the BIOS screen appears, press ◄ ► key to move to the Boot Menu.

move to the boot menu

  •  Press ↓↑ or +/- to select the CD/DVD-ROM and set it to the first boot list.
  • Press F10 to save and exit, press Enter to continue.

(2) Press Boot Menu key and set up Boot Menu.

  • When the Boot Menu gets up, press ↓↑ or +/- key to select CD/DVD, and set to first boot option.

select usb bootable device

  • Press Enter to save the settings.


If you get to the windows logon screen, it means that the windows 8 computer failed to boot from CD.


BIOS Entry Key table:

BIOS Entry Key table


Boot Menu Key table