Simple Methods to Clear or Remove BIOS Password

In this article will show you five methods to clear or remove BIOS password. There are two kinds of BIOS password, such as user password and system password. The user password is needed when you want to reset BIOS settings; but the system password is needed before it is self test. Below this article we mainly discuss how to clear or remove user password.

1. Clear BIOS password directory by cutting off the power

Step 1: Open the PC case, find out the CMOS battery.

Step 2: Take out the CMOS battery or cut down the battery button for a minute or an hour long that depends on your PC.


2. Clear BIOS password with Debug Command

You also can change or clear the CMOS settings to the default setting through the 70H or 71H port.

Step 1: Get into the MS-DOS setting, type in the command:

C:\dos> debug

-o 70 21

-o 71 20


Or type in:


-o 70 10

-o 70 01


Step 2: After type in the command, restart computer, and you will find the user password is cleared.


The “-” symbol is appeared by default on the system, you do not need to type in.


3. Find out BIOS password with software

BiosPwds can help you to find out the BIOS password easily and quickly.

Step 1: Launch BiosPwds, press the [Get Passwords] button.

Step 2: In a few seconds you will find the BIOS version, BIOS date, BIOS password is displayed on the BiosPwds screen.


4. Remove BIOS password with a cracker

Step 1: Type in the program code:

Color 10,5

DIM A(9)








Color 30,5





Step 2: After type in the code, press F6, and the press Enter to run the file.

Step 3: When the computer restarted, you will find the BIOS password is removed.

5. Reset BIOS password by changing the hardware settings

Step 1: Open the pc case, change the hardware settings, for example, take out the sound card or disconnect the floppy drive data line.

Step 2: Restart computer, when get into the Setup program, reset the CMOS password.

Step 3: Press F10 to save the change, and then restart computer.


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Forgot PDF File Password to Open

Forgot PDF file password? And finding methods to open the password protected PDF file? Don’t worry, this article will show you to find back forgotten password and then use it to open PDF protected file without losing any data.

Step1: Get Vodusoft PDF Password Recovery program and install it on the computer where you need to recover PDF file password.

Vodusoft PDF Password Recovery program trial version free download

Step2: Click “Open” to choose the PDF protected file.

recover pdf password

Step3: Choose the appropriate Attack Mode.

select PDF attack mode

There are four Attack Modes for you to choose: Brute-force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack and Smart Attack.

Step4: Specify the attack settings.

  • 4.1 If select the Brute-force attack mode, select the character range options, and click Length to specify the password length.

select pdf password attack range

specify pdf password length

  •  4.2 If select the Mask attack mode, specify the password symbol on the Mask text box. For example, if your password is “vodusoft”, and you forgot the last four characters, you can specify it like “vodu????”.

specify pdf file password simbol

  • 4.3 If select Dictionary attack mode, click Dictionary to set a dictionary.

select dictionary

  •  4.4 If select Smart attack mode, the password recovery engine will try all printable character combinations.

Step5: Click “Start” to find back forgotten password.

start to recover pdf file password

Step6: When the password found back, it will be displayed as below, you can click “Copy” to copy the password, and then click “Open” to open the PDF protected file with the password.

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