Log in windows 8 with PIN code

Windows 8 System support PIN code setting and log in, support SIM card of Windows and table PC. In addition to windows 8 system passwords and windows 8 picture password, we can also set PIN code on windows 8. It is very convenient and fast for users to log on windows 8 with PIN code, it logs into computer as soon as you type in the last digit of PIN code. So users do not need to press Enter key or click on Submit button to get into windows.

PIN code is Personal Identification Number abbreviation, and the SIM card is the Personal Identification code. PIN code is a kind of safety protection measures to prevent data stolen. If users input three wrong passwords to log on, the windows will be automatically locked.

If you haven’t created a PIN code for windows 8, the steps below show you how to set up a PIN code for windows 8 log on.

Step 1: Point your mouse key to the top-right corner or click on “Win+I” button, to show the menu bar, and then click on Settings

Login windows 8 with pin code

Step 2: Click on “Change PC settings” on the bottom of the Settings.

login windows 8 with pin code

Step 3: on the Windows 8 PC Settings, select “Users”, and then click on “Create a PIN”.

login windows 8 with pin code

Step 4: Type in your windows 8 system password and click on OK. If your current account has a password, windows 8 will require you to input current account password first.

Step 5: Type/ retype 4 digits in the PIN text box and click on Finish to create a PIN code.

create windows 8 pin code

Since you have created PIN code, next time when you login windows 8, it will requires you to input PIN code by default. If you want to change the logon methods, you can click on “login options” to change to the picture password or system password option. What is more, if you forget your system password, you can reset windows 8 password through logging into windows with the PIN code.

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